PC Components

We stock an extensive range of components from many major manufacturers including:

Processors - act as the 'brain' of the computer and are attached to the motherboard .

Motherboards - the largest and most important circuit board in a computer . All other circuit boards fit into slots on the motherboard.

Hard Drives - are where information and programs such as the computers operating system are stored.

Graphics Cards - send a signal to the monitor which is then displayed as an image.

Memory - is used by programs that are currently running .

Network devices - allow computers to be connected to each other so that they can share data.

Digital equipment - such as digital cameras for creating digital photographs which can be stored and edited on a computer.

CD/DVD Readers + Writers - DVD Writers can be used to store large amounts of data on a DVD (4.7GB), this is a very useful media for backing up data as it can hold over 7 times that of a normal (650mb) CD.

USB Pens - USB Pens are the perfect solution for carrying data around in your pocket, they are extremely useful for transferring data/documents between work and home and come in a variety of sizes. We stock both 128Mb and 256Mb versions, but others can be ordered on request.

External Hard-Disk Drives - These are perfect as an alternative backup method, they can be simply plugged into a USB Device, and using a backup program a clone of your data can be created. You can simply plug them in, backup your data, unplug and then store it off site.

Flat Screens - Flat screens can free up massive amounts of desk-space as they have a very small footprint, and still have the same screen size as your existing monitor.

Memory Card Readers - Memory Card readers can be used to read information stored on a variety of flash media cards.

Bluetooth/Infra Red - Bluetooth and Infrared can be used to communicate between your computer and other devices. A common use for bluetooth lately is for interfacing with your mobile phone, and as a wireless solution for bluetooth keyboards, mice and various other devices.