About Tapcast Limited

Tapcast Computer Services started in June 1985. It was originally involved in the development of Software for national and multinational companies such as Istel, BT, BP Oil and BNFL before the advent of current day PC's.

In the 1990's we decided that there was a niche in providing a customized local service to businesses and homes that needed help with their computers, with an emphasis on reliability and understanding the customers needs.

Today, the basic niche is still there, the computer market has just moved on where there used to be queries about soundcards or how to get a printer working, it has moved on to Internet, Networking, Broadband and cloud services.

Tapcast is able to provide a complete set of solutions. Using a range of suppliers built up over the last 25 years and by getting to know the requirements in the industry we are able to recommend and supply many products. Those we don't stock can normally be obtained within a day or two.

Tapcast has technicians that are able to provide 'at base' and 'on-site' support. This service applies equally to companies with 20+ PCs where the network or sharepoint has stopped responding and to home users where there is an issue with email settings.